2018 Summer Bucket List

Joy the Baker is not only my go-to for mouthwatering recipes, recently she has also inspired me to pick up my pens and paint, and jot down a little summer bucket list as she's been doing for a few years already. I'm not as creative with my watercolors yet, but I went as far as my perfectionist brain would let me today, and I think that's already a win. And I'm excited to take that feeling with me into the upcoming summer months.

  • Go swimming in a lake + the ocean. It's been a long, long time since I went swimming, and I want to get myself more into nature this summer. There are some great lakes and beaches around, time to finally make my way over there. 
  • Pick out four summer reads, and finish them. I'm back in a reading groove and excited to make a little reading list of books that will only enhance the summer vibes. 
  • Make a summer drink. Last year, I was all about this East End Elder I had made for a birthday party - now I'm looking for a new summer cocktail to sip out on the balcony with friends during warm evenings!
  • Do yoga every day. It might sound silly, but as my anxiety got stronger, the less I felt up for yoga - I was just not into sitting with myself for an 1.5 hours while anxiety got the best of me. Lately I've been picking up an at home practice again and it's just what my body and mind need right now.
  • Visit five rooftop bars. Isn't everything more fun on a rooftop?
  • Have a picknick in the park. I love parks, I love friends, I love food and I love eating. I'm totally feeling a lazy Sunday afternoon at the park with the people I love most. 
  • Keep up a regular journalling practice, twice a week. Similar to point 4, I've been avoiding dealing with... well, myself over the past few weeks. But writing everything down, transporting thoughts and feelings from mind to paper is essential - and I'm dedicated to do so twice every week.
  • Cook a new recipe every week. I had all good intentions last year to try out a new recipe every week, but somehow fell of the cooking wagon. Summer seems the perfect time to pick this up again with a few healthy, light dishes. 
  • Visit a food + music festival. So they might be very pricey and I'm always trying to find the best way to eat food from a plate and hold my drink all while standing, but I just love the atmosphere at food festivals. Same goes for the music variety, takes me right back to my festival-going days during high school. 
  • Going on a week-long trip with my love. Because we could really do with a little sunshine-beach-wine-getaway to recharge. 

Here's to making the most out of our summers!

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